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The Montesesori Classes

Toddler Classes

Warm, caring teachers guide the children in a program that is geared towards the individual child's developmental stage, using Montessori materials and principals. The classroom is set up with different areas including practical life, sensorial, beginning math and language, as well as blocks, puzzles and library areas. The emphasis is on developing language skills and interpersonal relationships. The children learn to respect the rights of others, to choose their own work and be responsible for returning it to the shelf. They participate in small group activities and become independent. Indoor and outdoor activities are designed to improve large and small motor skills.

Preschool Classes

There are three classes for 3-5 year old preprimary children, they are staffed by certified Montessori teachers. The children spend time with equipment that helps to develop concentration, coordination and working habits necessary for the more advanced exercises they will perform at age five. The entire program of learning is purposely structured. Children move from work with shapes to letters and numbers, and then on to simple word reading and math problems. History, nature, geography and sciences are explored in increasing depth with each year, beginning with simple stories, pictures and art projects for three year olds. The children learn to think before they act, to consider the needs of others and to be safe.


The Kindergarten class has a smaller enrollment than a standard elementary school kindergarten class. The smaller size provides the opportunity for individualized interaction between the student and the teacher. Unlike a standard elementary class the children work at their own level and pace. When they master one level they move onto the next. They are required to complete a set amount of work appropriate to their level each day. There is a focus on mastering basic math, reading and writing skills. Children are encouraged to become more independent. Weekly topics ranging from the rain forest to the solar system are introduced and formally discussed in a group setting. Other experiences the children are exposed to include a foreign language, and daily readings. There are some aspects typical of elementary classrooms that have been introduced to ease the child's later transition into public school.


In a small group setting, the children in this kindergarten first grade class work individually, at their own level and pace, in reading, writing and math. To ease the transition into their next school environment, the children write journals, have weekly spelling tests (at different levels), assigned seats and some group lessons. Geography and science are presented through hands on materials and experiments. The children learn about artists, composers and musical instruments do sports, foreign language, learn to play a recorder and have fun.

Thinking of Montessori for Kindergarten or first grade? read this article written by our Elementary class teacher.

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